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About Our Company

The Linux Fix formed in February of 1999 by a small group of engineers passionate about open source technologies. Originally a consultation agency focused on cutting software costs for local small businesses, hosting and Internet services inevitably followed with the dot-com boom at the time.

Fifteen-plus years later, "TLF" has had explosive growth from just a small Linux consulting company to Redding, California's premiere Internet hosting operations. Our consulting experience with the Linux OS and underlying technologies provided us years of experience that the competition simply doesn't have, and it shows.

This experience advantage combined with our focus on "doing it right" has resulted in the legendary stability and reliability of our hosting network.

Better yet, our technical support is without equal. Still a consulting firm as well as a hosting provider, TLF has competing hosting providers as clients! If you're hosting with another company, it's highly likely TLF has fixed your server in the past...

This translates into accurate and reliable support any time you need it: Exactly what you'd expect from hosting designed by the Linux Experts.

Sundial bridge in Redding, California
The Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River in Redding, CA