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Proactive Malware Monitoring

Our experience as on-call server support engineers has made it clear to us that malware and out of date web applications are responsible for most of the web hosting issues we are called on to fix. We've taken what we learned about malware, and keeping websites secure, and built a custom real-time malware detection and quarantine system. TLFHosting's proactive malware monitoring system automatically stops attackers before they can compromise your data or your web hosting account.

How Proactive Malware Monitoring Works

Say your FTP password is hacked, or a script on your website has an unpatched vulnerability, and—even though you've worked hard to keep your website secure—a hacker uploads some malicious software. With a web host that doesn't offer Proactive Malware Monitoring then the hacker could deface your website and ruin your online reputation; or use your account to send spam; or steal sensitive data. With insecure servers the list of disasters is only limited by the hacker's imagination.

But with TLFHosting's Proactive Malware Monitoring the hacker is stopped before he can even begin. Our security software inspects all new files and folders in real time and automatically quarantines dangerous and malicious software before it can affect your web hosting account. Proactive Malware Monitoring doesn't require any interaction, so you don't have to keep an extra close eye on your files, we've got you covered.

Real-Time Malware Protection

TLFHosting's Proactive Malware Monitoring protects in real-time, meaning dangerous software is dealt with before it has any opportunity to do damage. Other web hosts provide malware protection that scans periodically for malware. Occasional scanning is not fast enough to prevent an attack. TLFHosting is the only web host that offers real-time Proactive Malware Monitoring.